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Are you a Parent, Guardian, Uncle or Aunty that is seeking to Get a Personal Home Tutor in Port harcourt?

Research shows that the average teacher to pupil ratio is 1:20 in Port Harcourt alone. That means that one teacher is given the responsibility to teach over 20 students at the same time irrespective of the students corresponding learning curves. This is absolutely an inefficient learning process as some students would understand the teacher while some won’t even get the fundamentals.

In a bid to solve the current decline in the pass rate of students across Nigeria, We noticed that the most effecient way to impact knowledge to our numerous students is to facilitate a one-one tutoring platform.

Who are the tutors we work with ?

In recent times we have been able to prepare students for several exams and we take a lot of pride in all our tutors. We select only the best of the best undergraduates or fresh graduates. See criteria we use to select tutors we work with below ;

  • An undergrad, recent graduate or experienced teacher
  • Not younger than 18 and not older than 50 as at January 1st 2015
  • Very fluent in English with good computer skills/literacy
  • Resides in Port harcourt (non - Port Harcourt tutors coming soon)
  • Very versatile in chosen area of speciality. For instance a tutor that wants to lecture Mathematices would really be a maths guru!
  • Very honest, humble, hardworking and Godfearing

Questions Our Concerned Parents Ask

Who are Simptutors home tutors?

Simptutors home tutor are respectable undergraduates/graduates, experienced teacher that teach/coach your children at the comfort of your homes. Over time, statistics reveal that students that have 1-1 sessions with their teacher perform 75% better than students without. Looking to connect with a tutor?

Why work with Simptutors instead of getting a tutor myself?

At Simptutors, we have access to more than 500 tutors in different specialities and locations across Port harcourt alone. This makes it possible for us to match your ward with the very best of the best tutors without any stress to you. We try to work with your budget and make the entire process as stress free and flexible as possible. Also in the event where you need to make a drastic change such as changing location, changing the tutor (for whatever reason) or changing the subjects being taught by the tutor.

How do you operate?

Three easy steps

  • The client/parent is required to fill our online form which helps us collect all the important information about the student that we need to match them to a highly suitable tutor.
  • We Search our database for tutors who suit your preference and required skill set.
  • We handle all negotiations with the tutors and send the most suitable tutor to you.

What ages/classes do you work with?

We work with students from ages 4 upwards. However, for any child between 4 – 8 we require that a nanny or guardian must be present with the child at all times while the tutor is teaching/coaching the child. This is because our tutors ARE NOT NANNIES and are not responsible for feeding the child, washing clothes etc.

How do you charge and what are the rates?

We charge based on a number of factors including:

  •     How specialized is the knowledge or skill set that is to be taught?
  •     How many people (kids) is the tutor expected to handle?
  •     How often is the tutor expected to come and how many hours each session expected to take?
  •     Distance between the tutor and the client’s residence.
  •     The level of experience that the client requires the tutor to have
  •     The age of the child.

To determine our exact rates for your request, fill the tutor request form first and an agent would contact you with price details


What if the fee is beyond my budget?

We do our best to ensure that we are able to work within reasonable budgets (usually above 30,000 per month) and since we work with such a large number of tutors we are always able to find tutors within your budget.

How flexible are the arrangements?

The arrangements are extremely flexible and can be changed based on further conversation between client and tutor. In cases where the new arrangements by a client are no longer favourable for the tutor we are able to find a new tutor for the client with no extra charge if given at least a one month’s notice of the change.

Its pretty simple. Click fill form by your right to apply to get a Home Tutor.
Call/Send a text message to 09058949645 for more details

How do I get my kid, younger sister, younger brother or little cousin a home tutor?