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+ Prompt and timely monthly payment.
+ Constant demand from parents for your services.
+ Professional Dispute resolution from troublesome client.
+ Access to professional development and teacher trainings.

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If you love your field and want to share your knowledge, you’ll love being a home tutor with Our tutors are the best of the best and earn extra income while tutoring subjects they are passionate about. Work from home and earn extra money by becoming an online tutor with!

Calling all Experts!

Are you an experienced teacher that is exceptionally brilliant in Mathematics, Physics, Economics or any other subject looking to grow your personal home tutoring business in Port harcourt ?

Simptutors Home Tutors provides an avenue for experienced teachers to manage and grow there home tutoring business. Did you know that there are over 300,000 parents in Port harcourt alone who are willing to pay premium (probably equal to or more than your regular school salary) to teach their kids or even them according to professional standard ?

Teachers constantly face the battle of finding new students to teach at home. Simptutors help you get more students without having to invest tons of time and money on marketing. With a FREE profile on Simptutors, the largest online marketplace for matching students and teachers, your skills will be visible to thousands of students who search our site every day for teachers like you.

Simptutors handles marketing, technology and customer support so you can focus on tutoring

Who are the tutors we work with ?

In recent times we have been able to prepare students for several exams and we take a lot of pride in all our tutors. We select only the best of the best undergraduates or fresh graduates. See criteria we use to select tutors we work with below ;

  • An undergrad, recent graduate or experienced teacher
  • Not younger than 18 and not older than 50 as at January 1st 2015
  • Very fluent in English with good computer skills/literacy
  • Resides in Port harcourt (non - Port Harcourt tutors coming soon)
  • Very versatile in chosen area of speciality. For instance a tutor that wants to lecture Mathematices would really be a maths guru!
  • Very honest, humble, hardworking and Godfearing

Questions Our Concerned Teachers Ask

Where is your office ?

We are located at 1 Kingsley close, along Slaughter Road, by Peter Odili Road, Azuabie, Port harcourt.

What are the working hours ?

The working hours depends on the requirements of the client. In general we are very flexible and classes last an average of 2 hours for an average of 3 times per week.

How much will I get paid ?

This varies on a number of factors but on average our tutors earn between N30,000.00 upwards depending on the frequency of visit, total number of clients that you are working with, average hours of each visit, proximity to the clients residence, tutor level of skill-set.

What can I do to make myself desirable as a tutor ?

The more subject you can teach the more sought after you are likely to be. However we warn strongly against claiming proficiency where you have none. Teachers that are very computer literature and are familiar with several international curriculum and teaching practice also have an advantage.

Once I apply on simptutors, What Happens Next ?

We would review your application as explained above and get back to you. Prospective tutors need not apply more than once. Feel free to call 09058949645 if you have any questions.

How flexible are the arrangements?

The arrangements are extremely flexible and can be changed based on further conversation between client and tutor. In cases where the new arrangements by a client are no longer favourable for the tutor we are able to find a new tutor for the client with no extra charge if given at least a one month’s notice of the change.

Its pretty simple. Click fill form by your right to apply to be a Home Tutor.
Call/Send a text message to 09058949645 for more details

How do I apply to become a Simptutors Home Tutor?