Book keeping

Book keeping is the recording of financial transactions, and is part of the process of accounting in business.

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Book keeping

If you are looking to become a professional bookkeeper, the Book keeping Program is for you. It will provide you with the skills and knowledge that you need to be success. The program is easy to use and gives you practical, applied training in the following areas, and many more.

Generating balance sheets and statements of income Equity of the owner, including assets and liabilities Fundamentals of keeping records, a ledger, and a T-account Revenue, accounting expenses, and trial balance Payroll accounting, accounting programs, and wholesale.
A book keeping program will give you many opportunities, including: Qualifying for positions at financial institutions, businesses, and other organizations. Qualifying for positions that deal with payroll, recording of transactions, or production of financial statements.

Duration: 1 week
Course Fee: NGN 20,000.00
Venue: Simptutor Training Center | This course could also be taken at your preferred location (extra fee may apply)
Time: Flexible

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Simptutors is fantastic. It is extremely useful in helping review and practice math and language arts. It is a great systematic approach which keeps us organized and on task.
There's something very exciting about simptutors that many children love. We are just starting to introduce codes to Activity Village and have lots more in the pipeline, coming soon!

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