Software Engineering

This is an advanced certificate program. It includes Introduction to Software Engineering, Software Modeling, Software Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Software design and testing.

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Software Engineering

Introduction to Software Engineering Software Modeling Software Quality Assurance/Quality Control Software design and testing.


+ Code patterns-
A short introduction to the CPU
The simplest Function, Hello, world!
Function prologue and epilogue
Stack, printf() with several arguments, scanf()
Accessing passed arguments, More about results returning
GOTO operator, Conditional jumps
switch()/case/default , Loops
Simple C-strings processing
Replacing arithmetic instructions to other ones , Arrays
Manipulating specific bit(s) , Linear congruential generator
Structures,,64-bit values in 32-bit environment

+ Important fundamentals-
Signed number representations, Memory

+ Finding important/interesting stuff in the code-
Communication with the outer world (win32)
Strings, Calls to assert() , Constants
Finding the right instructions
Suspicious code patterns
Using magic numbers while tracing.

Duration: 4 weeks
Course Fee: NGN 150,000.00
Venue: Simptutor Training Center | This course could also be taken at your preferred location (extra fee may apply)
Time: Flexible

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Simptutors is fantastic. It is extremely useful in helping review and practice math and language arts. It is a great systematic approach which keeps us organized and on task.
There's something very exciting about simptutors that many children love. We are just starting to introduce codes to Activity Village and have lots more in the pipeline, coming soon!

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